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Almost Famous Dance & Gymnastics is proud to present its unique program since 2010, under the direction of Melissa Ehrisman and Amanda Hackney, with the help of exceptionally talented instructors. Almost Famous Classes are designed to build self-confidence, inspiration, values, and cultivate dance and tumble training to its highest level of achievement. Almost Famous prides itself on being an organized, educational, and fun program. We will keep you well informed and answer any questions you may have.

Our emphasis is on team work, cooperation, and running a high-quality dance and gymnastics program. We are proud to serve over 400 students in the Monticello and Western Dubuque area.

We thank you for trusting and choosing us for your dance and gymnastics training. Whatever your goal, we have a class to suit your needs. Our staff genuinely cares about the students and their aspirations. We want our studio to be a place where students feel valued and cherished. Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation for this art.

Thank you for joining our Almost Famous Family.


Melissa Ehrisman & Amanda Hackney

Almost Famous offers classes in Jazz, Lyrical, Technique, Ballet, Pom, Tap, Hip Hop, and Gymnastics. We are recognized for our ability to teach all ages and all levels, and for creating classes full of energy and passion. We have classes for the beginner student up to the most advanced.

Why is dance & gymnastics good for your child?

Health: When you participate in dance or gymnastics, your cardiovascular system improves, your muscle tone increases and you burn calories. This high-impact aerobic activity also increases flexibility, strength, and balance. Olympic athletes often dance as part of their training to sharpen their control, agility, and speed. This is a great exercise and our studio offers a pleasant, fun atmosphere in which our students learn.

Confidence: Dancers and Gymnasts possess an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves more in social situations. When you are learning, your entire mental outlook will take on a fresh sense of creativity, motivation and energy. This new self-confidence in your abilities will transfer to other aspects of your life as well.

Self-Expression: Dance and Gymnastics provides an emotional outlet so that you can express your feelings through your body movements with passion and flair. Working on skills will bring out, improve upon, and strengthen your ability to permanently use the expressive qualities even when you are not performing.

Social: Class lessons are an easy, low-pressure way to meet people. Many of our students build lifelong friendships and share great memories together.

Relaxation: In today's fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves. Dance and Gymnastics provides an enjoyable sense of escape from your normal daily routine, plus a chance to relax, relieve stress, and concentrate on yourself.

Fun: Dance and Gymnastic's classes are a great way to add excitement to your life. Although learning to do these skills takes concentration and dedication, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Come join us and have some fun!


Contact Information:

Monticello Location

Phone: 319-465-4111



231 S. Cedar St.

Monticello, IA 52310

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Dyersville Location

Phone: 319-465-4111



1215 12th Ave SE Suite B

Dyersville, IA 52040

*Please mail all correspondence to the Monticello address. The above listed address is for location purposes only, not mail.

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